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Who Are We?

What drives us?


When it comes to first impressions, we at Commercial Cleaning Services of Rochester NY understand the difference that a sparkling clean place of business can make for your customers and clients. We know that the cleanliness of your company's floors and facilities could be the difference between a very satisfied customer and a potentially disappointed customer. That's why we make sure that even with the highest of expectations, our extreme attention to detail ensures that all of your customers feel as comfortable as possible walking around in your place of business or shopping in your store. 

Goals for the future?


We know that exceptional attention to detail and great customer service are the traits that allowed us to get to this point. Our Mission is to continue being easily accessible to all of our clients, and making sure we can always take on and over-deliver on any requests our clients may have for us. In order to be able to meet this demand, we are adding additional round-the-clock crews that will be on-call. These additions to our team will allow us to fulfill all of our client's requests, no matter how short of a notice we are given.

Who works for our commercial cleaning company?


As an employer, we offer very competitive salaries to our large cleaning staff. We know that it is the work ethic of our loyal and well-trained employees that keep our clients happy year-round. We greatly appreciate our janitorial staff for the accountability and professionalism they bring to the job daily, so we make sure to reward them accordingly.

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